Did COVID actually impact dealflow?

Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/tcm-tcmff-science-fiction-film-tcmff2020-chPWemdEXVzD0Zhcce
  • What impact would COVID have on getting back into the office and meeting founders face to face?
  • What impact would COVID have on portfolio performance? Is this a 2009 vintage or something else?
  • What impact would COVID have on the lifeblood of our industry — dealflow?
Footnote: This data represents the difference between deals seen this year vs. the average number of deals seen from 2017 through 2019. Positive values mean we saw x number more deals this year and negative values mean we saw y number less deals than past years.
Covid Emoji Timeline
Footnote: We split out Coinvestor on it’s own though it would traditionally fall under Warm (Community Champion, Founders, Personal Network, Service Providers, etc.). Cold includes inbound from introduction to founders from folks we don’t know, direct emails from founders, and inquiries on our website form.
Footnote: We count outbond as inorganic connections that we create when researching Midwest startups that are at our stage (pre-seed / seed).

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VC focused on Midwest early-stage #startups. Objective and analytical investment process combined with a risk-mitigating portfolio theory.